Emergency Overseas Numbers

Step by step instructions on how to contact emergency services if your friend/family member is needing assistance and is overseas:

Step 1

Using the map on the Trip Plan, find out which country your friend/family memember is in, and the nearest town to them.

Step 2

Call your own INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR. Below is a list of International Operator access codes for some of countries. If you do not see your country here you will need to look up online.

USA: 00
UK: 155
GERMANY: 00-1188

Tell the operator that you need to contact emergency services in the country/town that your friend/family member is in (or near).

Step 3

If the operator cannot help, try to find an appropriate number online by Googling: “emergency services” + (country they are in) + (nearest town to where they are) The number you find will be local, so you will need to prefix your international access code (dial out code) and country code to the number you find.

Dial out codes: Look up
Country codes: Look up

IMPORTANT: Standard emergency numbers (e.g. 911) do not work from overseas, so you should be looking for a direct number of a local Police Department, Fire Rescue Team, Search and Rescue team etc.