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Trip Planning

Comprehensive and easy to use Trip-Planning Tool. Previous Trip Plans can be reused. Route importation from KML/GPX.


Alerts & Trip Plans sent to Emergency Contacts when you’re Overdue, so they can summon help. SOS Advice Button with coordinates advice.

Cloud Based

Powerful Cloud-Based Server manages Trip Plan Registration, Check-in and Alerts. Optionally share your Trip Plan to Social Media /Text /Email.

Mapping Tools

Fully functional map interface with off-line maps, current location, route sketch, tracking, layer control, markers and CRS/unit selection.

Route Tracking

Real-time Route Tracking (updated when online) allows your emergency contacts to (optionally) follow your progress.

Map Library

Choice of 3 base layers (street, topo, satellite) cacheable for offline use. Inbuilt library of exclusive and detailed activity specific maps.

Equipment Selection

Equipment Selection Tool with Activity Specific Checklists.

Detailed Trip Plans

Cloud-hosted Trip Plans contain Photos, Maps, Descriptions, GPX and KML, specifically designed to help Search and Rescue find you.


Usable Internationally with Multi-Lingual support.

Great Value

Subscription to OVERDUE service is just $30/year. Cost effective when compared to PLB services such as Spot and InReach.


OVERDUE is a trip planning, trip registration and check-in service, also incorporating offline maps and navigation tools.

After registering your trip plan securely online, your emergency contacts will be alerted and sent a copy of your trip plan if you do not check-in before your chosen “alert time”. The trip plan gives your emergency contacts the information they need to check if you are safe. If they cannot confirm you are safe, they can then forward your trip plan to emergency services to initiate a search and rescue operation.

Trip plans can be optionally shared to social media or directly to contacts via SMS/email. This allows friends and family members to view your trip plan before you set out, and then follow your progress using the app’s in-built tracking feature (contingent on a data connection being available to update your cloud-based trip plan).

OVERDUE’s messaging system is designed to function worldwide and supports messaging to contacts across international boundaries. The user interface has in-built support for different languages.

OVERDUE has access to a library of high-quality maps that can be downloaded for offline use in the backcountry. The map library contains both purchasable and complimentary (with subscription) maps. There’s also a choice of three different base layers (OSM Street, Topo or Satellite). For the area covered by your sketched route, the base layer can be saved for offline use. “Map search” helps you find the appropriate paper map for your trip – still considered a necessity in this age of technology.

OVERDUE is available as a yearly subscription ($30CAD per year). There is a 30-day free trial period starting at the time of installation. A few maps (Tri-Cities/Golden Ears) are only accessible by in-app purchase or by using an access code provided on the back of the corresponding paper map. An active yearly subscription is not needed to view and use these maps in “navigate mode”.

OVERDUE is the safety net that every outdoor recreationalist should have.


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